Georgetown College 第九条

第九条 (sometimes spelled Title 9 or Title Nine):

“No person in the United States shall, 以性别为基础, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving financial assistance.”

--第九条 of the Educational Amendments of 1972 to the 1964 Civil Rights Act


Georgetown College is committed to providing a safe learning, 生活, 和 working environment for all members of the College community 和 offering an environment free of discrimination. Consistent with the College’s institutional values as well 是适用的 law, the College addresses concerns relating to sex-based discrimination, 性骚扰, 报复, 性剥削, 和 discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, 分娩, 假怀孕, 流产, termination of pregnancy, or related conditions, or the recovery therefrom.

Lactation rooms for students are available in the Ensor Learning Resource Center 和 in the Cralle Student Center. Lactation rooms for employees are made available based on individual circumstances.

The College engages in regular prevention 和 awareness training for students 和 employees to keep all campus community members as safe as possible.


If you (or someone you know) have experienced or witnessed sex-based discrimination or harassment, including sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, 或跟踪, you are encouraged to tell someone promptly. All Georgetown College employees (except for confidential persons as outlined in the policy) are m和atory reporters 和 are required to forward any report of discrimination or 性骚扰 to the 第九条 Coordinator.

The College offers resources 和 supportive measures to community members impacted by sexual discrimination or harassment or who may be involved in a 第九条 process.

To make a report or file a 第九条 grievance, please contact the 第九条 Coordinator by phone, 邮件, 电子邮件, 或者亲自去. These reporting avenues are for non-emergency situations 和 are monitored during normal College operating hours.

Important contact information:

In an Emergency, please call 911

  • Georgetown College 校园安全 502.863.8111
  • Georgetown Police Victims Advocate 502.863.7826 x.896
  • Ampers和 Sexual Violence Resource Center of the Bluegrass 1.800.656.4673
  • Green House 17 Domestic Violence 1.800.544.2022
  • 自杀 & Crisis Lifeline Text or Call 988

A more comprehensive list can be found at the bottom of this page.

第九条 Coordinator


1st floor Highbaugh Hall




Georgetown College 第九条 Training

The College ensures that all members of the 第九条 team, i.e. 第九条 coordinators, 调查人员, 决策者, appellate 决策者, institution-appointed process advisors, 和 resolution facilitators receive regular 第九条 training. The scope of the training includes but is not limited to, the definition of 第九条 Sexual Harassment as defined in 34 C.F.R. 106.30 (a), the scope of the College’s education program 和 activity, how to conduct an investigation 和 grievance process, 包括听证, appeals 和 informal resolution processes, 是适用的, 和 how to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, 和偏见.

The 第九条 Coordinator has been trained using Association of 第九条 Administrators (ATIXA) resources. ATIXA’s training materials can be found here: Atixa, 第九条 Coordinator, Level 1.pdfAtixa, 第九条 Coordinator, Level 2.pdf

All 第九条 Team members are trained using materials through Institutional Compliance Solutions (ICS). This includes the 第九条 Coordinator 和 Deputy Coordinator, 调查人员, 决策者, Appellate 决策者, 过程顾问, Resolution Facilitators, 和 any others as needed. Relevant training information can be found at 高等教育. - Institutional Compliance Solutions ( 在这里: ICS 高等教育 Inspection Links.pdf.

Georgetown College 第九条政策

A copy of our policy, including the grievance process, which is in compliance with the 2020 第九条 Regulations, 可以在下面找到. Any questions regarding this policy can be directed to the 第九条 Coordinator.




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