What distinguishes Science Honors students? Being an Honors Student in the sciences is not about working harder or taking more classes. It’s not about checking a box that will help you get into graduate or professional schools. Instead, it’s about the thrill of becoming a scientist!

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Over the next four years, you can become part of an honors program that is unique in undergraduate science education. You will have opportunities to see the way scientific knowledge shapes the understanding of our world, conduct your own original research anywhere in the country, and share this work with scientists across the country and around the world.

And it all starts at GC!

Go Further

Begin with a classroom experience that goes beyond knowledge. Take Foundations and Core classes with fellow science students as you explore the place of science in our understanding of being human. Delve into science courses with Honors Increments courses such as the Ethics of Stem Cell Research or field trips to study the natural history of Kentucky. Take a seminar class in which you read cutting edge scientific research – and meet the scientists who wrote these papers!

Do Research - Anywhere!

As a sophomore or junior, receive a $4,000 fellowship to support a 10-week summer research internship with professors at GC or with research scientists anywhere! From Johns Hopkins to Stanford, Duke, Vanderbilt, Colorado State, UCLA, or the National Cancer Institute, Georgetown students have done ground-breaking research with academic, government and industry scientists across the country.

Become a Scientist

As a junior or senior, become a partner in the scientific community. Present your research at regional or national conferences attended by scientists across the U.S. or publish in the leading scientific journals in your field. Your work will not just make a different to your future, it will impact the world!


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